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Governor John Bel Edwards puts on his mask after yielding the podium to Dr. Alex Billioux, assistant secretary for the Office of Public Health, at Edwards' weekly press conference regarding the spread of coronavirus in the state, Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, La.

While I will concede that masks could reduce COVID-19 spread, the reality is quite different. All my acquaintances who are mask zealots have admitted that they are not “meticulous” about proper procedure. Whether it is due to negligence, ignorance, errors or stubbornness, very few people actually use them properly.

Very few people who wear masks attend to requirements such as hand washing before and after installing and removal. Almost none discard after removal. Some sources estimate it would require 20 masks per person per day. The people who need it most can’t afford it.

As being used now, it’s a placebo and junk science. I’ve seen ministers remove and reinstall masks 10 plus times in a single service. Never mind the hand washing.

We might be able to require use, but we can’t possibly police the procedures. I don’t like being forced to do something that’s a waste of time and money. For the near term, I will not patronize locations that require masks. I’m very sorry for our hometown merchants.


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Baton Rouge

Our Views: It's time to get more aggressive with mask-wearing rules in Louisiana