Scarcely noticed amid the exultations over gains in student achievement in Louisiana is perhaps a more significant development in school reform. At long last, our state is inching ever closer to that elusive goal of providing a high-quality school in every neighborhood and access to good schools regardless of family ZIP code.

Also barely noticed, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu recently co-introduced a strong piece of legislation, “Expanding Opportunities through Quality Charter Schools Act” to Congress. This bipartisan bill provides important changes in federal law by providing funds to help open, replicate or expand charter schools, including new or refurbished school buildings, hiring of teachers, and one of the most critical needs in metro New Orleans: student transportation.

As co-chairwoman of the Senate Public Charter School Caucus, Sen. Landrieu has worked effectively with conservatives and liberals alike to promote quality charter schools and provide the necessary funding to increase the numbers of good schools. The senator’s record on supporting high-quality charter schools is clear. Our state and our students have reaped the benefits of her long-standing leadership.

We need leaders in Washington who will continue to fight and win for all students and families of Louisiana.

Luis Miron

Institute for Quality and Equity in Education, Loyola University

New Orleans