Michael Myers wrote an article complaining about the Baton Rouge Fire Department building “Taj Mahal” stations. The article appeared in the Opinion section of The Advocate on June 22. He disapproved of the station being built “on absolutely prime real estate.” Why would we want another shopping center, apartment area or family homes being built only to sit and wait for buyers when real estate sales are at a low right now?

The Baton Rouge fireman works a shift of 24 hours for three days. The fire station is the home for these people for three days without leaving. During their shifts, they have missed meals, birthdays, holidays or any other get-together with their families. These people are at the fire station and ready for any emergency call. They are first responders to all calls — fire, EMS or police.

The Baton Rouge Fire Department has had a No. 1 rating for a very long time because they do their job extremely well. They deserve thanks and not complaints about where fire stations are built.

Fire stations should be housed conveniently to neighborhoods so they can get to the emergency calls quicker. In my opinion, our tax dollars are well spent for anything used such as this. If Myers were to call Mike Townley of the Baton Rouge Fire Department, he would probably be invited to a free tour of the facility. He would then see first hand that our tax dollars are not being wasted or lavishly spent.

Now, where Myers could complain about our tax dollars being wasted is with the way the criminals are treated. Some have free attorneys, room and board, air conditioning, heating, TV, exercise yard, access to telephone and visitors and not having to work an 8,10,12 or 24 hour job.

Marion Carr Sommers

funeral home employee

Baton Rouge