John Lewis had the courage, even when frightened and threatened, to engage in the “good” fight. He was an inspiration for all people.

I only hope that after all of my years that I have the courage to also engage in the “good” fight for equity and justice for all. No matter what a person’s beliefs, everyone deserves to share in “The American Dream.”

Our planet needs John Lewis’ spirit now more than ever before. We are being bombarded on several fronts simultaneously. These assaults are not from conservative or liberal people, but from natural and cultural forces that are causing people around the planet to reflect on their pasts and to challenge their futures.

Racism has been around long enough. It is way past time for it to be just a memory. Skin does not define the person. You cannot judge a person by color, religion, or party but by what a person does. We have come a long way in recognizing that under our skins we are all very much the same.

Thank you to Lewis for the examples he gave in showing us how to treat each other and to recognize that we all have some similar, fundamental values and strivings. Now it is up to us to continue moving towards his dream of true equality.


retired CPA

Baton Rouge