Wake up, City Hall.

A hundred years ago New Orleans was the major port in the South. But our politicians ignored the port and it moved to Houston. Fifty years ago, our city was a leader in the oil and gas industry, but our politicians taxed and ignored that industry so it moved to Texas.

Before this shutdown, New Orleans had a world-class hospitality industry with famous restaurants, luxury hotels, great entertainment, fashionable retailers and famous museums. Political inaction is suffocating our only remaining industry.

The last time New Orleans hosted a political convention a bonanza of money was spent here. Can you believe City Hall actually removed us from consideration for the Republican convention? It would have jumped started our economy and put us back on the global hospitality map. We didn’t even try.

Our politicians in City Hall don’t connect the fact that the largest employer in New Orleans is the hospitality industry. Does City Hall realize that the taxes the hospitality industry generates pays their salaries?

K-Paul's has just closed its doors but no one cares. City Hall is keeping our city locked down ignoring the reality that every additional day assures that more businesses and jobs will disappear.

Good leadership in City Hall would call together the managements of our leading restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, retailers and museums and ask how to safely open New Orleans. If the lockdown continues there will be very few businesses to unlock.

Unless the business leaders in our hospitality industry take the initiative, get together, make a plan, go to City Hall, pound on doors, show how to safely get New Orleans open, demand action and wake up City Hall.



New Orleans