Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be elected the next president. Here’s why:

The GOP knows Perry and Mitt Romney are the only electable candidates in the field.

And whether you like it or not, the party is currently driven by Christian evangelicals who will not have a Mormon as their candidate. Perry gets the nomination by default and balances the ticket with a team member who can counter his own image as a freewheeling cowboy. I’m guessing Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Here comes the general election. The job market will not get better as long as Barack Obama is president. Why? To paraphrase House Speaker John Boehner, businesses are on strike. U.S. business, large and small, is afraid of Obama. Until he’s out, businesses are going to keep things lean and mean. That means no hiring. Do folks really vote with their pocketbooks? Yep. Perry in, Obama out.


Perry is elected, businesses loosen up on hiring, stock market soars, world markets respond to U.S. market, rich get richer, poor get poorer, people get upset, communism becomes popular again, terrorists attack another “Rambo” American president.

But then, that’s a different story.

Phil Cangelosi

small-business owner

Baton Rouge