In response to the article Saturday in The Advocate (Brusly High family sues principal, officials), I have to say, “No wonder!”

It is no wonder teachers have problems with discipline in the classroom when we have parents filing suit for something their child did that was clearly wrong!

I am totally appalled by a few things:

One, that the parents seek to undermine the authority of the teacher, the administration and the officials of the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board.

Two, that a lawyer would take on such a frivolous lawsuit. His (or her) name should have been published in the article, so the public can be aware of those lawyers who seek to cost the courts and public systems valuable resources, necessary to fight these ridiculous claims.

Third, that again the American Civil Liberties Union is at the root of this. I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess.

I do not understand why parents do not see the value of consequences to actions. Had these parents allowed this punishment to take its natural course and also added to the consequences at home, I would bet that this student would never do such a thing again!

The bad results on his test are a consequence of a really bad action and should have been viewed as such. Bottom line, until teachers get support from parents, I am afraid the discipline in our schools will continue to disintegrate.

If that child is allowed to retake the test and makes a better grade ... what has he (or she) learned? I venture to say, “Nothing!”

Cecile Gauthreaux

sign shop owner

Port Allen