Of course, we all knew how the impeachment "trial" in the Senate was going to come out. The senators basically announced the verdict before the trial even started. What a joke!

And how our Republican senators have all disgraced themselves. Nothing new has been learned in the process. We all knew that Trump was a crooked businessman and he continued on as a crooked and corrupt president. We all hoped he would find the integrity to mature and grow into the highest office of the land, but that didn't occur.

He has assumed the position of a king, even though we don't have kings in this country, and he was elected only by the Electoral College, and not by a majority of the people. The majority has spoken otherwise!

But the real disaster is with our elected Republican senators and representatives. They have let us all down. The presented facts are very straightforward, but the Grand Old Party cannot acknowledge the truth. Where do you draw the line?

We need to throw out these sycophantic old men and women and elect a whole new slate of Republicans who will firmly stand by our country and by our Constitution instead of worshipping at the feet of one man.

Who is this man? And why such loyalty? When looking back at all the insults he has thrown at them, one can only shake your head in disbelief! How could they have let him come to so much power? This foolish, egotistical, narcissistic philanderer now has complete control of our Republican Party. Unbelievable!

At election time, we must "throw the bums out" and elect a whole new slate of Republicans who will not bow down to anyone and will stand up for us and our Constitution.


retired office manager