Kenny Havard

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- Rep. Kenny Havard, R-Jackson, talks to media members after the House adjourned for the day, Thursday, May 19, 2016, regarding his 'joke amendment' about weight and maximum age limitations for strippers, proposed the day before to a bill regulating strip clubs. The bill actually passed, but without the amendment, but many found Havard's amendment inappropriate and offensive. Havard was not present during the House's afternoon session, but kept a scheduled appointment for an interview.

Kudos to Rep. Kenny Havard for his humorous bon mot in the Louisiana Legislature. This intrepid and witty legislator offered — in jest —a proposal to raise the minimum age to 21 for dancers at strip clubs with an amendment mandating that they also must be no older than 28 or weigh no more than 160 pounds, which he immediately withdrew. It would seem that the 160-pound “put on” comment, was just too much for many of the legislators.

Apparently, the insecure adipose female victim legislators just couldn’t abide. They immediately took umbrage and started gushing such pejoratives as: “repulsed,” “sexist,” “misogynistic,” “disgusting” and “shocking,” while other lawmakers, caught up in the antic, started a pile of dollar bills, as if they were tipping strippers. (No report has been offered as to disposition of these tipping dollars.)

Then jumping on the bandwagon in sympathy with the female “victims” were the politically correct male legislators, including our newly minted governor, who declared the joke offensive. Of course, one has to wonder how many found the jape repugnant when in the comfort of their own homes and away from the victim and politically correct class.

The demand that Havard apologize for the perceived “wrongdoing” has met with a smiling declination by Havard. One would suspect that he has to be thinking: “Come on, lighten up,” “toughen up” or both.

Ron Rickerfor

retired subrogation manager