Renewable Energy Pueblo

In this January 2011 photo, solar panels are placed on three roofs atop the Robert Hoag Rawlings Public Library in Pueblo, Colo. (John Jaques/The Pueblo Chieftain via AP) ORG XMIT: COPUS102

I’ve worked in Louisiana’s solar industry for only a short amount of time, but I can say it’s a difficult biz. People can be skeptical about the technology when there are scores of customers nationwide who will tell you it works perfectly fine. They can tell you they want to go solar for days that turn into months, then turn into years with nary a panel on their roof during that time. Rooftops can be unfeasible with very willing homeowners. Google can send you to the wrong address because it thinks there’s a house where a cane field is. You can have homes with multiple owners and even though four of the owners want it, the fight is waiting for rooftop wind to take off. 

Russel Honore’: Louisianans have a right to solar energy — don't let LPSC increase bills

I’ve worked alongside people who work incredibly hard because they love this industry, and it allows them to put food on the table and pay their mortgages. That’s our business, but this business is about competition, one of the oldest ideas in American capitalism. By providing competition to electric utilities, solar companies provide a valuable service to Louisianans. Perhaps the worst competitor solar companies face now, though, is state regulators who make anti-business, anti-competition rules to cut current net metering rules for solar, which kill jobs in this state. With LPSC’s pending decision to end current net metering, state regulators are killing jobs and businesses in the state. If they are going to be honest with the public, they oughta own it; they are anti-business. The solar industry here has helped thousands of households in Louisiana have affordable energy, and this is the kind of competition that usually breeds competition and growth. To continue to support the failings of utilities in the state is more in line with a bailout than capitalism.

Entergy wins approval to buy solar power from planned West Baton Rouge plant

Andy Kowalczyk

solar industry employee

New Orleans