new orleans traffic cam

Screenshot of traffic camera video showing drivers speeding through a New Orleans school zone.

New Orleans resident: Traffic cameras punish people 'every time we fall short' of perfection

Phillip Manuel’s recent letter to The Advocate stating that traffic cameras only boost resentment may not be the public’s view, but it certainly is his. His admission to regularly violating speed laws answered his own question in the affirmative when he asked: “Am I a bad driver?” Anyone who with “regularity” receives traffic citations by mail and drives 26 to 27 mph in 20 mph school zones probably should have his license suspended. His personal resentment of traffic cameras apparently has made him disrespectful of traffic laws. I can only hope Manuel does some personal reflection regarding his problem with obeying traffic laws before he causes an accident in which children or others are injured. He would also benefit from taking a safe drivers course such as that given by the AARP.

Gordon Holcomb

retired educator

Baton Rouge