Since the election of our new governor, we have had our taxes increased, health and education funding decreased and now state parks face closures. It is very odd that no one in the House and Senate knew how really bad the budget was in our state. Where were our legislators all this time?

We have heard many times from our state treasurer how we need to cut spending. It seems Louisiana has a lot of “pork” in the government that definitely needs to be trimmed.

Just recently, there is a move to close many of the state parks. Who decides which parks close and which parks stay open? If the governor ever did any camping with his family, the issue of closing our parks would not be on the chopping block. Where else can families and friends go on vacation that does not break the budget?

Many families gather during the weekend and holidays at nearby state parks to enjoy our beautiful state. Not to mention the “snowbirds” and RV travelers passing through that visit and spend money here in our state. Closing our area parks will have an impact on the businesses in and around the parks. What will happen to the employees that help maintain our parks?

Could our highly elected officials give up some of their large increase in salary they were recently given to help the state out in our financial crisis?

Pat Bartholomew

retired secretary