There have been two major accidents on I-10 recently involving multiple vehicles, mostly 18-wheelers. Each incident has disrupted traffic for hours and inconvenienced travelers, both local and long-distance. While not necessarily being the initial cause of each accident, it is obvious that the severity of each accident is the result of the large trucks speeding and/or following too closely to be able to stop in time.

We all recognize the importance of long-haul trucking to our economy and its ability to convey large amounts of goods to individual wholesalers and retailers. We also realize that trucking, on a per-miles-driven basis, has a better safety record than the general public. But that does not obviate the fact that accidents involving 18-wheelers, especially multiple vehicles, are more severe and cause greater disruptions. The great majority of these accidents could be avoided if speed limits are obeyed and large trucks maintained safe distances between vehicles.

One solution to this problem is for state and local police to aggressively enforce speed limits and safe following distances for all vehicles, but especially large trucks. No one likes to get stopped and fined. Word would get around. Travel on I-10 might get a little bit slower but it would become much safer.

Paul Major