I had two questions after reading that U.S. Sen. John Kennedy and Louisiana Attorney General Landry will overfill the coffers to support conservative Republicans running for our state Legislature in 2019.

Stephanie Grace: John Kennedy's latest move has him once more following in David Vitter's footsteps

First, can’t local Republican candidates stand on their own record and promises regarding policies they champion? Not to be naive about the importance of money, I wonder why conservative Republicans feel they need an endless supply of cash to win. My second question arises from being somewhat new to the area. It sounds like the phrase “conservative Republican” is a code word for something I need to know. Surely being a conservative Republican doesn’t mean, as Kennedy stated, one who believes in government but not too much government. Why, last Monday, the state House voted to force banks to do business with the firearms industry. This certainly sounds like governmental overreach to me. Are we perhaps, then, talking about where the wealth of our state goes? Or perhaps about continuing to ensure mostly white men make decisions for us? What am I missing?

My hope is that voters move beyond this ploy by partisan politicians to keep us in boxes not of our own liking or making. My positions, and yours I suspect, are more nuanced than Kennedy and Landry make them out to be. Before you vote, check out a website like the League of Women Voters to see how (and if) candidates answered their non-partisan questionnaire about topical issues as well as about their commitment to listen to and dialogue with those whom they will represent.

Eva Abbott


Abita Springs