“We are trained Marxists.” That is how Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, described herself and fellow co-founder, Alicia Garza.

The goal of BLM and its partners is to transform America into a socialist country. BLM is one of the many organizations under the umbrella of Movement for Black Lives (“M4BL”), which identifies as “anti-capitalist” and believes “in transformation and a radical realignment of power.”

To accomplish this, M4BL has a list of demands that they want our country to meet. These demands include reparations, “police free schools,” “Universal Basic Income,” total student debt cancellation, elimination of work requirements for food stamps and Medicaid, a Green New Deal, and “direct cash payments, rent cancellation, and mortgage cancellation” provided by the federal government. The only way to pay for all this is by greatly increasing your taxes.

To convince the country to meet their demands, BLM is pushing a false narrative and scaring their opposition silent. BLM proclaims that the U.S. is “systemically racist,” but this is the same country where Barack Obama was president, Clarence Thomas sits on the Supreme Court, and 57 African Americans serve in the U.S. Congress. A country that is “systemically racist” would not elect so many Black people to positions of power.

However, challenging the “systemic racism” narrative results in BLM labeling the challenger a racist. In fear of being labeled as racists, the law-abiding majority remains silent and this fear-invoked silence is what BLM is using to achieve the “radical realignment of power” that they seek. This starts with BLM working to make Americans feel guilty about their history and to erase it.

Statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Grant, and Francis Scott Key have been toppled, a replica of the Emancipation Memorial (depicting Abraham Lincoln) was removed, and statues of “white European” Jesus are now being targeted. These acts have nothing to do with eradicating racism but are aimed at replacing our heroes and founding principles with socialism. Sadly our weak elected officials have done almost nothing to stop this, because the law-abiding majority is not holding them accountable.

A working democracy requires active participation of every citizen and it is the lack of participation that is allowing BLM to amass the political power needed to transform America into a socialist country. Yes, Black lives matter, but so does our democracy. So please, if you believe in capitalism, the rule of law and limited government contact your local, state, and federal elected officials and tell them to fight back against BLM’s lawlessness and political ideology. Only when the silent majority roars will our elected officials do their job and protect our democracy.



New Orleans