I thoroughly enjoyed Cal Thomas’ column about Boris Johnson’s wonderful book, “The Churchill Factor, How One Man Made History.” I own the book, and it is a fine piece of work about the 20th century’s greatest statesman. Every student of history would do well to read it and learn what makes a true leader. As Thomas points out, Winston Churchill was certainly not perfect, but he was the perfect man for times in which he lived, and the man who did more to save the world from Nazi and Communist oppression than anyone. It should be noted, unfortunately, that our present president has no love for this great defender of democracy. One of the very first things President Barack Obama did after taking office was remove Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office. It was a gift from the British people to the American people that sat in that office from Harry Truman’s administration until the second Bush’s. To the embarrassment of the American public and most certainly to the displeasure of the English public, this marks one of the many low points in Obama’s term in office. It also proves that Obama does not possess the “convictions of honor and good sense” that Churchill says all defenders of democracy and decency must possess.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge