Fact Check Week

President Donald Trump

There is but one word to describe the president’s performance Wednesday in the Oval Office, as he presented an obviously doctored weather map, in his vain attempt to “prove” that Hurricane Dorian once menaced Alabama — pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

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Has the man become so delusional and irrational that he believes that any of us actually accepted that visibly bogus graphic as genuine? No one was convinced, no one believed him, and no one saw his “Sharpied” chart as authentic. It was just a sad, pathetic charade. And a disgrace to this once-great nation.

And as sad and pathetic as the president’s sorry little show was, it was even sadder and even more pathetic to see his subordinates standing by his side, pretending with straight faces that down was up, white was black, and that there was once a threat to Alabama. Their enabling of a mad president’s delusions and deliriums ill-serves the nation. They should walk away from the president’s irrational fantasies and stop disgracing themselves.

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It is time to say it out loud: Our president is delusional, and not in his right mind. Non compos mentis. He has no mental clothes on. It is time for him to be gently put away, where he can do no more harm to himself, to our nation, and to the world we live in.

Michael Bushnell

retired contract administrator

New Orleans