Soul Saint, right, and other Saints fans sing the Saints' 'Super Fan Anthem,' during the Boycott Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019, on Fulton Street in New Orleans. The event, one of many around the city on Sunday, featured a Choppa Style dance contest and a daylong roster of musical acts celebrating the culture and heart of New Orleans, and not the NFL, during the Super Bowl. All money raised from Boycott Bowl will go to The NORD Foundation to coach and equip the next generation of New Orleans champions.

I have never felt as much pride to be from New Orleans as I have the past few weeks. I love how after our Saints got robbed, the city decided to come together and instead of being destructive or rioting, we decided to throw a party for a good cause and celebrate. There is truly no place like New Orleans.

Tina Howell

office manager