Trump Immigration

In this May 23, 2018, photo, President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable on immigration policy at Morrelly Homeland Security Center in Bethpage, N.Y.

For two days in a row, we have letters (Mr. Bloodworth and Mr. Hale) telling us that Republicans could have built the wall on the Mexican border during Donald Trump’s first two years, while they controlled both the House and Senate. Perhaps this is so; illegal immigration is the reason Trump is president.

It has been the law of the land since 2006 that the wall shall be built, and senators Schumer, Obama, and Hillary Clinton all voted for the wall at that time. However, it would have been difficult for Trump for several reasons. Democrats apparently were so upset that he won the election that they immediately set out to destroy his presidency. Unfortunately, many Republicans also were (and are) very opposed to him. News reports by the mainstream media, which for all practical purposes are an arm of the Democratic Party, are still 90 percent negative against Trump. It is very easy for Americans to be ignorant these days.

I consider the wall to be urgently needed. The cost of building the wall is minor compared to the costs of illegal immigration. There are far more illegals here than are required to do work that Americans refuse to do (a shameful statement in itself) and are a drain on our welfare system, not to mention the more severe criminal elements among them.

However, when Trump took office, we had several other pressing problems. Who remembers that President Obama told Trump that his most pressing problem was North Korea, and that he feared war with them to be imminent? While that problem has not been laid to rest, it has been defused and a solution probable. We had eight years of economic misery, and were told that the new normal was less than 2 percent annual GDP growth and that jobs moved overseas were gone forever. Two years under someone who understands business and we have the most robust economy that we have had for decades. There are rocky roads ahead, but progress is apparent.

Unfortunately, the national debt continues to rise. I fear this will never be resolved and suspect will be our final downfall. Our social programs continue to grow and will not likely be reversed until too late. Beginning with President Carter, every Democrat president left our military in bad shape, none worse that the last administration. The military is being rebuilt, but that costs money. The world is still a dangerous place, and we have dangerous enemies. Trump recognizes this.


retired chemist

Baton Rouge

Letters: Yes, the GOP could have funded the wall