Does Jeff Landry know what office he was elected to?

Last term and into this one he seemed to think he was elected governor, not attorney general — trying to make policy instead of being the state’s “top lawyer” defending its policies and laws.

Then he must have thought he was elected secretary of state bringing in an out-of-state “election firm” to contest election rules at a cost, according to The Advocate, of over $800,000 in Louisiana taxpayer's money.

Now I guess he thinks he was elected in Pennsylvania as he’s dragging our state and our taxpayer dollars to that state to contest their election. I think there are enough Philadelphia lawyers to handle the case up there but our AG has never passed on an opportunity to grandstand regardless of how much taxpayer money he wastes.

And perhaps he thinks he was elected to be some type of health official fighting pandemic restrictions without meaningful consultation with real health officials.

Landry needs to quit wasting our money on frivolous lawsuits and out-of-state lawsuits and stay in his lane. Or maybe he should stick to what he does best — bringing in foreign workers to take high-paying Louisiana jobs like those in Calcasieu Parish.