Until recently I’ve regarded Gov. Bobby Jindal as highly intelligent. I am a recovered member of the Bobby Club and would only contribute now to promote him out of the state of Louisiana.

Lack of leadership, lack of transparency, too much time out of the state fundraising to promote his national aspirations, these are small potatoes.

It’s unimaginable that anyone in a leadership position would champion the cause of the tobacco companies and veto the 4-cent cigarette tax renewal. Any intelligent leader would be looking for ways to raise the tax on cigarettes and devote the revenue to paying the tab for the health-care needs of our people who have ruined their health by the use of tobacco products.

The governor should have looked at the costs of that segment of health care and done the right thing instead of pandering to his conservative constituents, most of whom don’t smoke or rely upon the state for health care.

Maybe the governor is looking for a new constituency, but how does he plan to replace the lost revenue in this time of shortfall?

Jak Kunstler

real estate investor

Baton Rouge