Regarding the “huge” impact of the “oil” shale (Oct. 19):

Whatever the exploitation of the Tuscaloosa Marine shale has been waiting for, it most certainly has not been “for the technology to catch up.”

Hydraulic fracturing was developed and patented in 1949 (No. 2667224,, and horizontal drilling was patented in 1891 (No. 459152,

I submit the Tuscaloosa shale was “waiting” for the price of oil to be high enough to justify the additional cost.

So anyone who says domestic oil production with the “new” technology will bring back $20 oil and $1 gasoline is selling something.

And all “our” new natural gas?

They’re building liquefied natural gas terminals to ship that to Europe and Asia.

We cannot drill our way out of our energy difficulties.

David Norwood


Baton Rouge