While we are waiting for the gubernatorial candidates to detail exactly how they plan to save higher education, I got an idea from Scott Rabalais’ recent sports column. He noted, to my naive surprise, that LSU had paid Eastern Michigan University $895,000 to come to Death Valley to play.

So, it occurred to me that, since the academic side of the university continues to scrabble for funds, maybe they should consider fielding a football team. They could be called the LSU Academic Masochists, or Martyrs, if you prefer. They’d wear purple and gold and take to the field in their pads and cleats to earn bucks for the English, history, social sciences, arts, business, engineering, coastal studies, etc., departments. Then, in the ideal scenario, an unrelenting storm would hit after just a few minutes, a la the McNeese game, and so the slaughter would be called off. But the Masochists/Martyrs would have earned a little much-needed money for the academic coffers.

Besides raising tuition, does someone have a better idea?

Mary Ann Sternberg


Baton Rouge