Rabbi Jordan Goldson,left, and Rabbi Natan Trief recite a prayer along with guitar player Michael Roth during the Memorial for the 11 who lost their lives in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting Saturday, held at Beth Shalom Synagogue in Baton Rouge on Monday, October 29, 2018.

Is there no low so low that ultraliberal President Donald Trump-hating columnists like Dana Milbank won't stoop to in order to harm the president and advance the ultraliberal agenda in our country? In Milbank's recent column he now proclaims America unsafe for Jews because of Trump. A deranged madman shoots innocent Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh, and it's the president's fault. That's makes as much sense as saying FDR was responsible for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Gov. Edwards discusses cyber security, partnership opportunities with Israel during meeting with Netanyahu

The president of Israel has pronounced Trump its greatest friend and protector but now Trump has put the Jewish population of the United States in danger according to left-wing Trump haters days before the midterm elections. And the electorate is supposed to be naive enough believe this is just a coincidence. Nowhere in the world has the Jewish population become more a part of the prosperity and the overall success as a united people as in the United States, and that fact will never change. And left-wing journalists are not going to be able to persuade the American people that this or any other president would try to alter that fact. Milbank also claims Trump is out to get African-Americans, Latinos and Muslims in our country. I guess Milbank's next column will have the president going after nuns and little old ladies next, then they'll be coming for old white guys like me. Paranoia is a dangerous thing, and Milbank and his colleagues are fostering its spread.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge