I was struck by a statement of a 68-year-old from Alabama in a recent story in this newspaper about vaccine rates.

He said he had no plans to get the shot because they didn't have long enough time to test it. They don't know what the long-term effect is and that makes him skeptical.

This would be a valid argument except it was given at a convenience store where he was going in to buy cigarettes. The medical studies for over 60 years have proven smoking can make you ill over the years and will possibly kill you eventually. The effect the health of those around you is detrimental.

I guess what I am saying is people are going to believe what they want and facts won't make any difference as long as they choose what facts they will listen to.

If we can't work together as a nation to help eliminate this virus, I don't think we can work together on anything. How sad for all of us.