This is in reference to the Southern and Jackson State game.

I have been attending these games for more than 14 years, and this was the worst experience I ever had trying to get into the game.

The parking was outrageous on the campus, even though it was free.

I was ushered all the way through the campus from the Harding Boulevard entrance to the back exit. This took more than two hours. Then I had to walk more than a mile back to the stadium.

When I arrived there, they had only three windows open, and no will call window. I had to spend another 40 minutes in a general ticket line to get tickets I already had paid for and paid extra to keep from having to stand in line. I missed the entire first quarter of the game.

Southern and Jackson State need to move this game to the Superdome because neither one has the parking facilities to accommodate the parking. I won’t be attending any more games at Southern or Jackson State.

The powers that be at Southern were wondering why the fans were not turning out. After this game, they will have even more not showing up, and not because of the team but the incompetence of whoever is in charge of the sports program.

Aidan Dowell

retired police officer

Eight Mile, Ala.