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Gov. John Bel Edwards receives a congratulatory phone call from President Donald Trump on Nov. 18, 2019, two days after Edwards narrowly won the governor's race over Republican businessman Eddie Rispone.

We have been hearing ad nauseum about the phenomenon of "Never Trumpers" as a label for anyone, including many moderate and conservative Republicans, who express concern and consternation over the policies, underhanded activities, fabrications and erraticism of our president. Facts notwithstanding, we are to believe that the "Never Trumpers" are liars who must not be trusted.

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What about the "Whatever Trumpers?" Has that term been popularized to define people who will, for reasons that escape me, stand by a man who will cast anyone and everyone aside to save his own hide?

A "Forever Trumper" is Steve Scalise who, on Fox News recently, refused to lay any blame on Trump for the Louisiana Democratic gubernatorial loss and, in true "Whatever Trumper" fashion, credited Trump with the feat of getting the Ralph Abraham Republicans to vote for Eddie Rispone. Wow, what an accomplishment.

Another "Whatever Trumper" Lindsay Graham has said that he won't even consider the evidence before voting against impeachment. How does that square with the "rule of law" that "Whatever Trumpers" are so concerned about regarding impeachment?

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This country does not need to worry about the "Never Trumpers," who are consistently provided with new fodder by the president himself. Our real concern should be the "Whatever Trumpers" who are caught up in the sick, twisted idol worship vortex and are unable to accept and address the ongoing presidential misbehavior, misadventures and massive malcontent created by the original "Forever Trumper," who cares about one and only one person.

Wake up, "Whatever Trumpers."

Thomas G. Lamparter


Baton Rouge