Donald Trump’s campaign mantra, “Make America Great Again,” suggests that there is something wrong with America.

Trump’s arrogance, narcissism, histrionic behavior, compounded by antisocial and borderline personality features, misogyny, homophobia, grandiosity and paranoia fairly closely define “Cluster B Personality Disorder,” according to the DSM-5, all complicated by a serious problem with insomnia.

Trump’s supporters, on the other hand, are people on the fringe of modern American society: white, poorly educated, angry, lower economic strata, seemingly longing for the good old days of Jim Crow, white supremacy, isolationism and the horse and buggy — the same 35 percent of voters who supported David Duke in the 1991 Louisiana gubernatorial runoff election.

Trump cannot help himself.

What’s wrong with America? In a nutshell, Donald Trump’s supporters!

Robert E. Treuting

retired Jefferson Parish coroner

New Orleans