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Photo provided by the Weinstein Company -- Jeff Bridges, left, as the Receiver of Memories, and Brenton Thwaites as Jonas star in 'The Giver.'

Every year, middle school students across our state and country study a novel entitled "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. The New York Times called the "The Giver" “a powerful and provocative novel.”

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"The Giver" is about a futuristic society where government dictates all and the people are told what to think and how to feel. It describes a community where no one is allowed to ask real questions, have their own opinions or stray from the accepted community views. What is truly ironic is that these students across America do not realize that they live in a society that is becoming just as frightening — a nation where “political correctness” controls much of the population’s media, minds, and actions.

The students learn late in the novel that an unwanted twin is to be “released,” a term used throughout the novel. The students are horrified when they learn what “release” actually means. A needle is injected into the infant’s head, killing him while “the nurturer” bids him, “Bye-bye little one.” The child is then placed in a box and placed in a virtual garbage chute. Students cannot believe that a community could be so callous, heartless and cruel.

‘The Giver’ does not deliver

Once again, the irony is chilling. These students are appalled when they read this scene from "The Giver" where an innocent baby is murdered because the community “chooses” to simply get rid of it, while most do not even know that the very same thing is happening to 3,000 babies in their very own nation- every day! "The Giver" calls it “release”, we call it “abortion,” but the abominable, appalling, and horrific truth is the same. A truth that one day America will have to give an account for.

Mike Fuselier


St. Martinville