What is happening in Cuba today, nationwide demonstrations against the dictatorship, is unprecedented. Over the years, there have been occasional demonstrations but they have been put down by the Castro government with beatings, arrests and assassinations. Raul Castro has not made an appearance yet. The president of Cuba, Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel, is weak; otherwise, the Cubans would not have taken to the streets. Finally, the people have had enough and are protesting from east to west in every province.

We need to urge our government and particularly, President Joe Biden, to take decisive action in support of the Cubans. Cuba is but 90 miles from our country and has caused serious difficulties for the United States throughout the world, but presently particularly in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Peru. Our government must act decisively in support of the Cuban people. The Cuban people, in and out of Cuba, have always been strong allies of the United States.

Although they can protest, the Castros stripped the Cubans of all weapons in 1960. Those brave Cubans need our help. President Biden should form a coalition of governments throughout the world who will support the Cuban people in this dramatic and hopeful moment.


vice chairman, Cuban American National Foundation

New Orleans