Regarding the April 30 column by Jeff Sadow:

1) Sadow’s observations clearly infer the oxymoron that the tolerance of an intolerable situation means it is tolerable.

2) Query: if a close relative of Sadow’s ( spouse, child, grandchild ) was indicted for a major felony by the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office necessitating representation by the Orleans Public Defenders, would Sadow be confident that he/she would receive the benefit of counsel as guaranteed by the United States Constitution?

3) Perhaps Sadow should : A) travel to New Orleans and drop in to Criminal District Court (Tulane and Broad) and spend 15-20-minutes in two or three divisions and observe the proceedings, and, B) personally interview and, for a couple of hours, work with an OPD attorney (perhaps the young lady who finished atop her Ivy League Law school class in trial advocacy), and, C) interview a couple of District Court judges.

Gregory W. Roniger

retired attorney