Dale Brown _lowres

Former LSU basketball coach Dale Brown speaks Tuesday at the LHSCA convention at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

To watch the chaos, confusion, lies and divisiveness we witness in our national political arena daily must be stopped. Now, we are seeing this in our own city over the St. George issues.

I belong to no political party and have no involvement in the St. George affairs, but I encourage everyone to use their hearts and conscience in what they believe is right.

Intolerance is a poison eating away at the core of our country, and the only antidote to destroy it is tolerance and righteousness. Napoleon Hill many years ago warned us, "It will be recorded in the last chapter of man's crimes that his most grievous sin was that of intolerance."

Mankind has never advanced a centimeter by fighting and hating one another. The only notable advancement we have ever made is working together to solve problems. The best potential of ME has always been WE.

Please be sure to go vote and do what you think is right and do not be influenced by anyone else. Before you vote, be sure to get all the facts. "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored," said Aldous Huxley.

Nothing is so beneficial as a true knowledge of yourself. So when you cast your vote, do not be influenced by anyone else. Life has no remote control; you have to get up and change it yourself.

Dale Brown

former LSU basketball coach

Baton Rouge