For once I must agree with Cokie and Steve Roberts. If we deport all immigrants, the country would suffer tremendously. The service industry, farming, construction, and many others that depend on uneducated, low-skilled workers would be devastated.

However, they did not go far enough in their article. Yes, they identified the problem of not being able to fill these jobs with American workers and their solution is more immigrants. But what caused the problem?

Businesses can’t find enough American workers for the unskilled jobs because the uneducated and unskilled Americans are being subsidized by the American tax payers. We pay people who are sound of mind and body to do nothing. Their only goal in life is to produce another generation of the same.

Finally, let’s do away with the liberal rant that President Donald Trump is anti-immigration. Trump is opposed to illegal immigration, and there is a huge difference between the two.

B. V. “Butch” Polito