Eddie Rispone (left) and John Bel Edwards (right)

Eddie Rispone (left) and John Bel Edwards (right)

Kudos to Dan Fagan for his Oct. 23 column which brought back unfortunate memories of what occurred four years ago when the Republican Party’s candidates in the primary election were Scott Angelle and David Vitter. The major planks in David Vitter’s platform were the adoption of similar legislation that Texas had recently enacted relative to (1) tort reform and (2) legislation correcting the “legacy” litigation which was destroying the Texas oil and gas industry.

Vitter won the primary election and Angelle refused to endorse Vitter in the general election against John Bel Edwards. The Republican voters who had supported Angelle stayed home during the general election, therefore John Bel Edwards won, as did the Louisiana trial lawyers.

The losers in the above election of Edwards: the state of Louisiana becoming the “judicial hellhole” reported by Fagan, and the loss of the oil and gas exploration, production and service companies and their employees who have moved to other states.

Let’s not let history repeat itself. Ralph Abraham has thrown his support behind Eddie Rispone who also supports tort and legacy litigation reform. Therefore all former supporters of Abraham should join him and get out and vote for tort and legacy litigation reform. If we don't Louisiana's citizens will continue to pay outlandish insurance premiums while continuing to lose oil and gas jobs.

Robert J. Martin

attorney and landman


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