The oil and natural gas industry is meeting growing energy demands while delivering real solutions to reduce emissions, investing in new technologies and continuously improving environmental performance.

Gov. John Bel Edwards recently signed an executive order setting his greenhouse gas emissions goals for Louisiana and launching the Climate Initiatives Task Force to recommend policies to achieve those emissions goals.

The Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association supports the governor’s interest in reducing emissions; however, those goals should be aligned with what is realistically achievable and based on a clear understanding of Louisiana’s current emissions. In fact, energy-related CO2 emissions fell more than 6% from 2000-2017, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Setting specific emissions goals prior to having a comprehensive emissions inventory may be premature to the process and it is best achieved with the technical insight of those appointed to the Climate Initiatives Task Force.

LMOGA looks forward to working together with the diverse members of Governor’s Climate Task Force to develop science-based, verifiable solutions to continue to drive down carbon emissions in the state. Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry is leading the way to reduce and manage carbon emissions, as companies around the globe work to minimize their carbon footprint in a battle against climate change.

Our industry has invested billions in greenhouse gas mitigation strategies, including end-use technologies like carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), which involves capturing carbon emissions from industry operations and permanently and safely storing them underground. Industry’s ability to innovate and develop new technologies is the key to our energy future, and technology like CCUS will play an essential role in meeting the increasingly aggressive emission goals being set around the world.

Industry’s commitment to vigorously explore and implement climate solutions also opens the door for Louisiana to become an economic hub for carbon capture in the United States.

Louisiana is very fortunate to have ideal geology for sequestration and industrial corridors that contain pure carbon sources located relatively close to existing CO2 pipeline infrastructure. And, most importantly, we have a highly trained, highly skilled workforce that is well suited for building additional pipelines and operating wells. Add to these a preexisting statutory and regulatory framework and forward-thinking regulators equipped with the experience to kickstart this new industry, and it becomes clear that Louisiana is uniquely positioned to be a key player in CCUS.

Louisiana has a tremendous opportunity to be a global leader in climate solutions, providing safe, reliable energy while also protecting our environment. We welcome the opportunity to show the world that energy production and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.


president, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association

Baton Rouge