President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020.

I feel compelled to reply to Wade Perrin’s letter of Feb 5. Like Perrin, I am also a registered independent who has always voted for whom I feel is best regardless of party affiliation. Apparently, that’s where our similarities end.

I voted in my first election in 1976 and estimate my voting record at about 70% Republican. I voted for John McCain and Mitt Romney whom I believe are men of the highest integrity.

However, I have no major complaints against Barack Obama’s two terms and I believe that he is also a man of integrity. In fact, the Affordable Care Act has actually been quite beneficial to me and my middle-class family.

Donald Trump has proved to be someone who lacks even a small amount of integrity. His almost daily lies are well documented and the media includes factual evidence to substantiate that he is prolifically untruthful to the American people. However, it appears that most Republican lawmakers have become so afraid of facing Trump’s vengeful wrath that they kowtow to his disturbing demands of fealty.

Like the many disproved conspiracy theories that Trump touts without any evidence, Perrin’s letter is filled with opinions, rhetoric and falsehoods meant as scare tactics. I’m pretty sure that Democrats do not “want to get rid of cars, airline travel and meat.” However, if there is some factual evidence of these dire threats, I’d be happy to peruse it and come to a logical conclusion.

There has been and continues to be so much evidence coming out against Trump that Republicans are having to move the goal posts and rewrite their already pathetic talking points almost daily while expecting people to have continuous amnesia. There might be some who unfortunately would rather fool themselves into believing the ever-changing excuses but most of us have memories.

Perrin mentions Rep. Adam Schiff but fails to mention the many credible witnesses that appeared in the House investigation that led to Trump’s impeachment. Republicans claimed that none of the witnesses had firsthand information but when they had the chance to hear Bolton’s firsthand account, all but two of the Republican senators voted it down. Hence, we’re now expected to swallow yet another pathetic change of story.

There are some Democratic candidates that I feel are too far to the left but there are also some moderates among the bunch. They all appear to be people of integrity.

I might not be completely done with the Republican Party, but I’m getting there. I vote for people that I believe have integrity.


retired engineer


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