The latest brouhaha from the Louisiana attorney general on the “sanctuary cities” issue and the meddling by the Legislature on the issue of the Civil War monuments presents New Orleans with an interesting dilemma.

It’s nice to see they’re paying attention, but it’s really none of their business.

Regardless of where you fall on the above issues, state legislators and the attorney general are “all up in our grill” over things that are not their concern.

So, how do we keep the state attorney general and Legislature out of our hair?

I suggest secession.

Not from the country, mind you, as our friends from Texas might suggest, but from the state.

We could strike out on our own, (I like the name Acadiana; it might be appealing to parishes to the west of us who might like to join the uprising).

Or we could offer to join some other state. New York or California spring to mind. (Let’s go where the money is for a change.) Think of the funding NYU South (the former UNO, red-headed stepchild to LSU) would get! Or Cal Tech East?

I can see a lot of upside to this; I wonder how Andrew Cuomo or Jerry Brown would feel about it.

Daniel Delaureal

retired federal employee