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EBR Supt. Sito Narcisse talks about increasing the number of college-level, dual enrollment courses that high schoolers in Baton Rouge take, both academic classes and career-and-tech focused classes, during a press conference Tuesday Dec. 14, 2021, in Baton Rouge, La.

As the grandfather of a student participating in Ascension Parish schools Early College Program and another who chose not to participate, I foresee a disaster of epic proportions happening if the Baton Rouge schools mandate a dual high school/college curriculum for all ninth-graders and above.

As much as we would like to deny it, even the two best districts in the state have 12th graders who are barely ready for ninth grade, let alone college. Additionally, not all people, like myself, are college material.

Baton Rouge school superintendent pitches plan for college-level classes: 'Open the floodgates'

The state does not need a big collection of unemployed college graduates. We need tradespeople just as badly if not more, and they can make very good money. I know a high school/trade school educated electrician who grosses more than the superintendent does.

Baton Rouge schools, for the sake of our children's futures, should follow Ascension's example and make their dual enrollment college program a voluntary choice of the student and the parents.

I believe their long-term results will be better in all areas.


Navy, retired