Eddie Rispone (left) and John Bel Edwards (right)

Eddie Rispone (left) and John Bel Edwards (right)

I well remember a while back when the death penalty in Louisiana and whether to allow the people to vote on keeping or abolishing it was being discussed. And your newspaper columnist, Dan Fagan, was beside himself trying to get Gov. John Bel Edwards to declare whether he supported or opposed the death penalty.

Fagan was apparently waiting with bated breath to declare Edwards a weak-kneed, East Coast, liberal elitist owned by Nancy Pelosi if he said that he opposed the death penalty. And then came along a Republican candidate seeking John Bel’s Job, Eddie Rispone. Rispone, a fervent Catholic, said that he opposed the death penalty on religious grounds. And what did Fagan say about that? Nothing. I guess a sin depends on who is committing the sin. What hypocrisy.

Alex Chapman


Ville Platte

Grace Notes: In Louisiana governor race, death penalty stance emerges as debated topic