Fact Check Week

President Donald Trump

As with all media these days, this newspaper gets opinions from the left attacking the president. Everything the president says is exaggerated or its meaning twisted. Hillary Clinton didn't get elected, so we are subjected to a constant, tantrum-throwing gripe-fest.

A recent letter to this newspaper called the president delusional and devious and compared him to Adolph Hitler. Of course, none of the comments were backed by any evidence. It was just typical left-wing, immature name-calling.

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The president was also called a draft dodger, but nothing was said about Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton never serving. The never-ending attack on the president has gone on for 2½ years. It got very tiresome and boring a long time ago.

If you don't like the president, please do us a favor: Shut up and express your opinion at voting time. Hillary Clinton might have gotten elected if Democrats cared more about Americans than they do about those here illegally. But she didn't, so we are subjected to the eternal tantrum from the left — though I must admit, they have convinced me of one thing. I will be voting for Donald Trump if I have to crawl to the polls.

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Selby Green

retired state employee