The poor and minorities in this state should take on the mentality that this administration doesn’t really care what we think because first, we don’t contribute to the pockets or vote for these people who, I believe, money and power are all they believe in.

Then there are the obvious attitudes like racism and “conservatism.” When you see people who have a undying, unwavering love for “the good ole days,” the way it use to be. As a minority, we know what that means. I’m a Generation X’er like the governor, and I thought that he would be for the people. But it seems he is for the people who have and who despise those who do not. All his policies seem to be like those of the Rick Perrys, the Mitch Daniels etc.

I followed Gov. Bobby Jindal’s career since he was head of the State Department of Health and Hospitals, and in hindsight, it’s my personal opinion that he has a little self-hatred in himself. I mean he changed his name, religion and doesn’t seem to publicly relate to his Indian culture. So I think the poor, and especially minorities, should not believe that this governor has any of their interests in mind.

Quite the contrary, the more he is against us, the more votes and popular he becomes to those he seems to mimic. If you are poor, in their mind it’s because you are perceived to be lazy, ignorant or whatever. It starts with first the family, education and personal responsibility. But we are viewed as for neither.

I’m educated, a so-called middle-class fan of music from Lil Wayne to Kenny Chesney to Bach. I can hold a conversation with a Rhodes scholar or the worker at Wal-mart. But in Louisiana, as in America, we are culturally conditioned to believe that some are superior and others are inferior. So the superior feels as though the inferior should stay in their place and catch the crumbs that fall from their table.

I respect the governor and am a fan of his, but to me he is the governor, in my opinion, of the ones who think they are superior. But like the poet-rapper-actor Tupac said, “Hey, that’s just the way it is.”

Troy Lanes

truck driver