I’d like to reply to the letter from E.E. deBessonet in the Dec. 29 Advocate.

I have been subjected to this same opinion/message from quite a few people. I have to ask this writer, as I ask the others who have spoken to me about this subject, “How many of these unwanted or unsupportable children who were allowed to be born have you adopted?”

With extremely few exceptions the answer is, “none.”

Every time I read about a child who died abandoned, or was submitted to tortures that would have made the Nazis cringe, or was starved to death, or beaten, or kept in a cage —- I won’t go on, but you get my point — I cannot help but think that child would have been better off having been “terminated” before having to endure such atrocities.

There is no “higher message” or “lesson” that justifies such suffering by an innocent, defenseless child.

James Lapham

computer technician

Baton Rouge