Col. Aaron Merrill, retired, recently wrote a letter criticizing U.S. Sen. John Kennedy's concerns about military aid to Ukraine, held up by President Donald Trump, being stolen by a corrupt government.

Citing his long military record supervising such aid transfers, Merrill insists that the procedures in place ensure that these aid transfers are all closely monitored by various government agencies such that our "aid doesn't walk away on a significant scale." Imagine my surprise when a simple Google search revealed that according to The Washington Post, the Pentagon was unable to account for $500 million in U.S. military aid given to Yemen and that this aid, which included weaponry, aircraft and equipment, possibly fell into the hands of Iranian -backed rebels or al-Qaeda. Guess this bit just slipped through the cracks. But hey, no worries. The government has got this all under control.

Jeff Robert

retired attorney

Baton Rouge