Finally, Jeff Sadow opined something that was both based upon facts and progressive in nature.

It was a sweet departure from his usual governor bashing. His assessment of TOPS and how to fix it was right on the money. It’s time to drastically revise this entitlement program for the middle and upper class, and return it to its original intent. It was originally privately funded for students in need who demonstrated marked academic potential. Additionally, TOPS was never intended to serve as a cash cow for the state’s universities and colleges.

It should be a privilege to get TOPS and not a God-given right as so many of Louisianans and legislators believe. Sadly Sadow’s suggestions fall upon deaf ears. Our legislators don’t have the spine for such worthwhile and logical changes. They have too many friends, kids or grandkids that reap TOPS' benefits. Consequently, they will continue to sacrifice the quality of life of our citizenry to fund TOPS for a majority of average students, many of whom can’t hack a college education.

Jim Anderson