Peter Carmichael's letter of Oct. 26 cites 2.2 million deaths projected by our experts. The 2.2 million figure was projected only if no actions were taken to stem the tide. It never was meant an estimate of probable deaths.

President Donald Trump's supposed lockdown of China is also very misleading. In the initial two months following the "lockdown," over 40,000 people were allowed into the U.S. from China.

The Obama administration left Trump with over 16,000 ventilators and a playbook, which he ignored, on dealing with a pandemic such as coronavirus.

Trump knew of the seriousness of COVID-19 in February as he conveyed to Bob Woodward but continued to downplay it. How many thousand of lives could have been saved had he taken it seriously? If he had initially just encouraged everyone to mask up tens of thousands of people would still be alive.

Dr. Anthony Fauci forgot more yesterday about infectious diseases than Trump ever knew.

Only the inept or a political zealot would think Trump's handling of the pandemic has been anything but totally inadequate.


government employee


Letters: Donald Trump's performance on COVID-19 much better than the public believes