Your Jan. 1 "Our Views" converted me into an Ohio State fan.

To declare "Ohio State ... does not belong in football championship tournament" was both wrong (check the outcome) and deeply inhospitable to the intrepid Ohio State fans and families who traveled to our sad, shutdown shadow-of-itself city to support their team.

With 10% occupancy at local hotels and restaurants and bars and other venues closing by the day due to these misguided shutdowns, the least we could do is be gracious and grateful for those few who would travel here and spend some of their hard-earned cash. Instead, your incurious staff decides to degrade their efforts in your editorial page.

Who are you now, "Sports Center?" Does anyone on your crack staff have any idea what "big picture" means?

Besides, they apparently hadn't watched many of the six Ohio State games this year. Justin Fields and company came to town to win a game and head to the national championship, despite your rude and inaccurate prognostication. I'll cheer them all the way to their next victory.

Wake up. There's a whole world out there. You're missing it.



New Orleans

Our Views: Ohio State, with just six wins, does not belong in football championship tournament