Now that the U.S. has beds, personal, equipment and materials in reserve to service new, serious COVID-19 patients, the state and country must reopen for business.

There are signs already that the U.S. economy is in disarray: 20-25% unemployment, bankruptcies, foreclosures, suicides, depression, family break-up, future inflation and more. If the U.S. economy collapses, the world economy will do the same. Then we are talking about starvation and civil unrest throughout much of the world that could claim many millions of lives. The cure would be worse than the disease.

Medical experts have been wrong from the beginning in the U.S. with their models. It is now time to listen to other experts who say opening our country will promote herd immunity, the only way to control this virus in the absence of a vaccine.

Spring and summer in the U.S. is the optimal time to promote this. Open up the country now. Get Louisiana and the U.S. back to work and living their lives.

Those who are at risk or fearful, stay home. The young and healthy need to go about their work and lives.


retired educator