Trump Impeachment

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., talks with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday as he heads to the second day of the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

Since I ran against Bill Cassidy in 2014, trying to remove Mary Landrieu and keep him out of the U.S. Senate, I feel compelled to respond to Cassidy’s attempt to explain away his vote to convict former President Donald Trump.

What does acquit mean? Acquitted: free (someone) from a criminal charge by a verdict of not guilty.

Cassidy says he used social media posts (some even falsified by the House impeachment managers), news reports, doctored video footage using misleading timeline information, and unconfirmed assumptions about Trump’s actions to make his decision.

In America, aren’t jurors supposed to decide guilt or innocence based on the evidence presented that is factual, and shows the accused is guilty of the charge? That is what the Constitution of the United States demands.

Cassidy buys into the impeachment managers Big Lie theory of the case, which presented zero evidence that reaches the legal standard proving guilt for their incitement charge.

Cassidy purports to know the president’s specific thoughts, intentions, and actions in response to the riot (he calls it an invasion). He accuses the president of refusing to send the National Guard to assist when he knows that is not supported by the facts. The Washington, D.C., mayor refused federal law enforcement assistance and additional National Guard deployment, in writing, the day before the riots.

Senator Cassidy says he is protecting the Constitution, but he really trampled on it by joining forces with Mr. Trump’s political enemies. Here are the American Constitutional values he ignores in order to reach his guilty vote: All Americans have 1st Amendment Rights. All Americans are entitled to due process. The law must be applied equally to all Americans.

None of these values were honored in the so-called trial of Donald Trump. In fact, the unconstitutional nature of the trial makes the entire proceeding pointless and against the law, not to mention a violation of the defendant’s civil rights.

I am saddened and heartbroken the citizens of Louisiana chose this man in 2014 and re-elected him with over a million votes in 2020, because his actions further divide our country by using the lies and misleading information of vindictive politicians instead of following the Constitution he is sworn to defend.


lieutenant colonel, retired


Bill Cassidy: I voted to convict former President Trump because he is guilty.