For the last few months since its rise to prominence, we have watched the sadistic, barbaric jihadist group, originally called ISIL, wreak havoc in Iraq and Syria. ISIL then became more commonly called ISIS. Now, the most frequently used description for this terrorist organization by the print and broadcast media is Islamic State. Presumably this name is used because that is what this group calls itself.

It seems to me that a great disservice is done to Muslims in general and to the victims of these butchers specifically by calling them the Islamic State. They are neither a state, nor do they represent the mainstream tenets of Islam. Other than these two small details, Islamic State is the perfect label for them.

Calling these terrorists the Islamic State confers to them a level of respect and legitimacy that they certainly do not deserve. And why should we assign them this exalted title just because they use it to describe themselves? I would therefore suggest a different designation for them. I propose that from now on they be referred to by all media as Islamic ApoState. This is certainly a much more accurate and fitting title for these horrific human beings who have abandoned and renounced the basic, predominant precepts of Islam.

Robbie Evans

business manager

New Orleans