I have never been a fan of Donald Trump and probably will not vote for him. But I do admire his willingness to speak candidly about illegal immigration across our southern border.

Until the last couple of years when the Democrats began soliciting the Latino vote, they too spoke of the criminals illegally coming into our country. Now, because of the desire for those votes, the illegal border crossers are no longer “illegals” but “immigrants.” Of course, the mainstream media jumped on board and marches to the Democratic Party drum.

Immigrants are those who come here legally and go through the legal process to become U.S. citizens.

Illegal immigrants are those who sneak across the border and probably have no intention of going through the process to become legal citizens.

Trump is correct in that there probably are some good people crossing the border, but many are thugs, drug runners, murderers and general criminals. Within the last few weeks, a young woman walking with her father on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco was randomly shot and killed by an illegal immigrant with seven convictions who has been deported five times. If San Francisco was not a safe haven, this young woman would probably still be alive.

For the sake of our country, we need to remember there are illegal immigrants and legal immigrants. Secure our borders and deport them (something that the current administration no longer does) and support the legal immigrants who want to come here legally and go through the legal process.

We need to call out the media and those who want to allow illegal immigrants into our country for political correctness reasons.

Donnie Floyd